CUT COIN * Pendant *  US Silver Peace Silver Dollar

CUT COIN * Pendant * US Silver Peace Silver Dollar

U S Peace Silver Dollar CUT COIN  Obverse/ Front of coin Liberty.
Dates vary 1922 or 1923.
This Coin has been Precision Hand Cut with a fine jewelers saw.
The Field of the coin has been cut out and the Letters, Motto and Devices
are left with great detail from the fine cutting and angling of the cuts.
Before becoming a Jeweler 25 + years ago I started cutting coins as a hobby.
One Christmas as a kid I saw a kiosk display of them at Sears and was awed over
the beauty and detail the fine cutting brings out it the Silver Coins.
Interesting a full circle around here I am selling them by my jewelry business.

Sterling Silver Bezel Pendent Solid Sterling Silver .925%.
Authentic US Peace Silver Dollar this Dollar was struck by The US Mint from 1921 till 1935
This is a Quality Piece.
I use select Almost Uncirculated Silver Dollars that are not worn out.
I also have a matching Sterling Silver Money Clip cut like this at my ebay store. 
Gift Box Included !
Pay direct by: American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover or use PAY PAL. timmy-a

PRICE:  $197.00 $159.57


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